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How did you feel when you found out you were chosen to be Kappa Psi’s brother of the month?

When I found out that I was chosen, I initially felt satisfied and proud because the brothers within my fraternity recognized the work that I have been putting in. 

I’m very passionate about Kappa Psi because I believe in what it stands for, and to have the brothers select me as their brother of the month is very rewarding and I will continue to keep working hard because I want our chapter to continue to grow.

What are you enjoying the most so far from being a Brother of Kappa Psi?

I have never been part of a fraternity and since I am not from the Central Valley I felt like joining a fraternity would be the best way to help acclimate myself with the school and community as well.  When things have gotten tough I have relied on my brothers to help me get through it.  The other cool part about being in Kappa Psi is meeting brothers from different schools because we may not know each other but being in the same fraternity really brings you together and create a bond with people who are going through the same thing you are going through


Can you tell us about some of the on-going projects you are involved with in Kappa Psi?

I am the Second Vice Regent and my role is that of pledge master.  I have been in charge of the pledging process this year and it is my responsibility to help recruit  and have our pledges get through the pledging process which they are currently in the process of.

What is your current year in pharmacy school and what are you enjoying the most out of your classes? Is there a particular class you enjoy the most? Why?

I am currently in my second year of pharmacy school and the class that I enjoy the most is PDA III.  Dr. Pattipatti has been great because like Dr. Anita Shenoy and Dr. Vinyak Shenoy he is very thorough and he really wants to help us in any way that he can so we know and understand the material.  Learning about all these different kinds of drugs can be overwhelming but when you have a great professor it helps tremendously so I am grateful of that.

What initially made you interested to pursue a career in pharmacy?

I have a little brother who has Down Syndrome, and he has multiple surgeries that have helped save his life, but it’s the medications that have helped improve the quality of his life.  Seeing all that really opened my eyes and because it helped save the life of a loved one, I want to do my part and help in any way that I can and do my part as a future pharmacist.

Do you have any hobbies? What are your interest and/or how do you usually like to spend your free time?

I like to play basketball, but now whenever I have free time I try to spend it with my family.  I have a lot of cousins and I don’t see them as much anymore so when I’m free I try to be around them as much as I can.

What is an interesting fact or story about you that many people don’t know?

Before going into pharmacy school, I used to be a dental hygienist for a couple of years.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I see myself practicing as a pharmacist and settling down and having a family of my own. 

Share a quote you like or a mantra that you live by.

I do not live by a mantra, but the one quote that has resonated with my team lately is “that’s debatable”

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