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How did you feel when you found out you were chosen to be Kappa Psi’s brother of the month?

I honestly felt inadequate because there are many brothers who demonstrate great passion and leadership whom I felt were more deserving. However, I am very fortunate to have brothers who support me and believe in my potential. I hope that moving forward, I am able to do the same for them!

What are you enjoying the most so far from being a Brother of Kappa Psi?

I really appreciate how event planning encourages communication and proximity with colleagues I adore. If I was not pushed to work alongside classmates to execute events, I doubt that I would have the same bond that I do with them now.

Kappa Psi Brother of the Month

Stefanie Nguyen

Stefanie Nguyen

Can you tell us about some of the on-going projects you are involved with in Kappa Psi?

My role in Kappa Psi involves coordinating social events for our students to enjoy. We also organize fundraisers so that we have the capacity to do more and to do better.

What is your current year in pharmacy school and what are you enjoying the most out of your classes? Is there a particular class you enjoy the most? Why?

I am currently a P2 student pharmacist! I enjoy how our classes are informative but not all-consuming of our time. As P2s, we have more time and energy outside of coursework to become involved in student organizations and other extracurriculars. I enjoy Patient Care because I feel that I am developing knowledge that directly informs my future practice.

What initially made you interested to pursue a career in pharmacy?

I knew that pursuing a healthcare profession would challenge me to apply my scientific knowledge in a patient care setting, which is what I wanted! Pharmacy was appealing to me because there is so much diversity and flexibility to branch out and explore different specialties. I also have family members in pharmacy who attest to how much they love pharmacy!

Do you have any hobbies? What are your interest and/or how do you usually like to spend your free time?

I enjoy a lot of things, generally things that involve solitude or time spent with my closest friends and loved ones. I love the piano, and I love learning. I spend a great majority of my free time resting and sleeping to preserve my energy for a bright new day!

What is an interesting fact or story about you that many people don’t know?

When I was younger, I had an infection scare because I stuck an oxidized penny in my mouth with the sole reason being that I was curious to see what it tasted like. The area around my mouth started to discolor, and I was scolded by my sisters.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Not sure! My options are wide open, but I do hope to have developed into a high-potential professional who has career options to choose from. I do not want to be limited by what I cannot do but by having too many options to choose from. I am very filial, so my loyalty will gravitate toward providing for my family and paying off my student loans. I want to live a life uninhibited by financial nuisances and unnecessary burden.

Share a quote you like or a mantra that you live by.

If you live with purpose and follow your values, roadblocks and unwanted visitors are all just white noise. I believe in focusing on the people I care about the things I care about doing because that is where my positive impact is greatest.

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